A radical ‘artificial egg’ made from plants is set to go global after the US firm behind it revealed major backing from Asias richest man.Made from plants, it can replace eggs in everything from cakes to mayonnaise – without a chicken ever coming close to the production process.Hampton Creeks products are already sold in Whole Foods in California, and now the firm plans to take on the world.据英国媒体2月17日报导,美国公司Hampton Creek近日在获得亚洲首富李嘉诚的赞助商后,想将其人造鸡蛋推上全球。这种由植物蛋白加工制作而出的人造鸡蛋可以代替蛋糕、蛋黄酱等食品里所须要的鸡蛋,且整个生产过程都需要鸡的参予。目前,在美国加利福尼亚的一些食品餐馆早已有售。

Today that it was announced the firm has landed $23 million infunding.Backers include Mr. Li Ka-shing, Asias richest man and Yahoo co-founder Jerry Yang.In the last 90 days, the company has also signed partnership agreements with 6 Fortune 500 companies, including some of the largest food manufactures and retailers in the world – although the firm is keeping their names secret until products go on sale.Mr. Li Ka-shing, who is estimated to be worth $28.8 billion, said he believed the firm had huge potential.Technology enables everyone to have more options to better our future together, he said.该公司近期宣告其已取得2300万美元的投资,并想将这种人造鸡蛋推上世界。其投资者还包括亚洲首富李嘉诚和雅虎创始人杨定远。



在过去的3个月里,Hampton Creek早已与6家世界500强劲公司签定了合作协议,其中还包括一些全球仅次于的食品生产和零售商。We can make really good mayonnaise, we’ve done taste tests against market leaders, and beaten them consistently. In the world of cookies, we’ve trialled our products with everyone from Bill Gates to Tony Blair, both of whom couldn’t taste the difference.Bill Gates became an advisor to the company, and has been one of its most vocal supporters in the Silicon Valley world where Hampton Creek is based.Companies like Hampton Creek Foods are experimenting with new ways to use heat and pressure to turn plants into foods that look and taste just like meat and eggs, he recently wrote of the firm.It hopes to allow developing countries to grow and produce their own ‘plant eggs’.In developing countries, we can also add in things missing from the local diet, helping nutrient deficiencies, and we have had initial discussion with the world food programme about this.What we want to do eventually is find a way to work with farmers in the developing world to enable them to have new cash crops that can be used. Then we become the kind of company to be feared by the bad guys in the industry.Hampton Creek公司首席执行官兼任创始人乔希?蒂特里克曾回应:“公司的目标仍然是向全世界所有人获取更为身体健康和负担得起的食物。我们想要把动物从食品生产过程中解放出来。”蒂特里克的点子是将更容易生长的植物以准确的方式混合,然后替代鸡蛋的口感、营养价值和烹调用途等。